Mother Honestly Podcast

Making History with Parento, the First Provider for Paid Parental Leave

September 22, 2020
Dirk Doebler is the founder and CEO of Parento, the first provider for paid parental leave. Parento is the go-to resource for employers to support their working parents. Previously, as CFO/COO of a consumer goods startup, Dirk discovered most companies too often misunderstand the financial impact of employees having children, contributing to the current lack of investment in paid parental leave. Dirk helps both Finance and HR to understand, and extract, the value of effectively supporting new and working parents.

Dirk joins Kristen Hall, COO of Mother Honestly, to discuss how Parento is working with companies to offer an insurance-based approach to offer paid parental leave and teaching companies how to better support their employees as professionals and as parents. Parento goes one step further to also provide support and coaching to all parents. Visit to learn more.
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