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Innovation Required: Missy Narula Tackles Safer Diaper Changes and Policy Change

October 20, 2020

Missy Narula is the Founder and CEO of Exhale Parent and Founder of the newly launched Diapertainment. Missy launched Exhale Parent during her third maternity leave to help others learn from her experiences and to create a place for all the legal and financial information new parents need. Missy recently launched Diapertainment October 2020 which makes diaper changing less painful. It is a clear phone holder that simply screws into the wall aside the changing table and will entertain your baby while keeping both of your hands free to safely get the job done. Prior to these ventures, Missy spent 8+ years at TPG Capital, initially serving as Chief of Staff to the Head of the Global Ops Group. Missy holds a B.A. from Yale and an MBA from Harvard Business School as a Baker Scholar.


Missy joins Kristen Hall, COO of Mother Honestly, to discuss launching and sustaining these ventures while raising her family.  Missy shares her own experience with understanding maternity leave and how she is focused on changing the policies around maternity leave. She also shares her path to product creation and encourages others to take that dive. Be sure to check out @exhale.parent, @diapertainment and visit to learn more.

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