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Understanding Your “Why” When It Comes to Your Parenting Style, Career, and Purpose with Stephanie LeBlanc-Godfrey, Global Head of Inclusion Programs for Women of Color at Google

October 6, 2020

Stephanie LeBlanc-Godfrey is the Global Head of Inclusion Programs for Women of Color at Google and the founder of Parenting Backwards. Stephanie has a deep passion for investing in the growth and success of women by intentionally building community in areas they don't naturally occur.  That same passion serves as the cornerstone to the founding of Parenting Backwards. PB creates spaces and experiences for parents to bring the same level of intentionality to their parenting skills as they do in their own personal and professional development. She now serves as an advisor to multiple women-led leadership development organizations and is a board member of Per Scholas, a workforce development non-profit. She's a mom of three, wife to one and supporter of all.

Stephanie joins Kristen Hall, COO of Mother Honestly, to dive deep into the intersections of diversity and inclusion at work and at home. She shares her work with Parenting Backwards and her pillars of parenting. Finally, Stephanie discusses her current leave of absence to support her children during this unprecedented pandemic time and how she is helping normalize taking leave when you need it. Follow Stephanie on IG @iamSLG, on her website at, and @parentingbackwards.
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