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All The Nutrition You Need During Pregnancy with Lisa Mastela, Founder & CEO of Bumpin Blends

February 24, 2020
Lisa Mastela, founder and Chief Mama of Bumpin Blends, came up with a game changing product while 8 months pregnant. As a registered dietitian, even she was overwhelmed by not only the sheer number of nutritional needs to be met when making a tiny human (folate, and vitamin D, and omega-3s… oh my!), but how challenging it was to squeeze all these nutrients into her day. She created Bumpin Blends,  a new company that creates custom, pre-blended smoothie cubes designed to support pregnancy and motherhood. Since their launch in January 2019, we've been able to build an excited, loyal following of customers, including Miranda Kerr, Amber Lancaster, and Sophie Jaffe, among other celebrities and influencers. Each blend is designed by nutritionists to support a particular symptom of pregnancy and motherhood (from pregnancy symptoms and milk supply to the fatigue/trouble sleeping/mood swings a mother of a toddler might feel). An on-the-go mom just needs to pour the cubes into her blender and blend - an absolutely perfect breakfast for your mom-readers. 
Listen to this episode of the Mother Honestly podcast as Blessing and Lisa discuss the challenges of being pregnancy and post-partum and navigating proper nutrition through all stages. You can learn more about Bumpin Blends and try them yourself by visiting 

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